03 November 2007

Weigh-In: Week 1

When I did Weight Watchers before, I did it whole-hog (so to speak). Went to the meetings every week and got weighed, wrote everything I ate down in a little journal, the real deal. This time, I'm too cheap to pay for the weekly membership and it would be hard to go to meetings with the wee ones. But I learned last time that the accountability of paying and stepping on that scale every week was big for me.

This time, I'm going to be accountable to the Internet. I used to do weigh-ins on Saturday mornings, and since I got my new scale at IKEA yesterday, it seems fitting to keep that Saturday morning ritual.

Starting weight: 136.6

This is after almost two weeks of pretty strict point-counting, but my only frame of reference for if I've lost or gained is a physical I got about a month ago. My weight then was 140, so I think I've lost about 3 pounds so far.

I'm hoping to get down to my original WW goal of 127, so less than ten pounds to go.

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