27 November 2007

Daily Log: Tuesday 27 Nov. 07

1/4 gingerbread muffin: 3
small bowl oatmeal: 2 (5)

squash soup: 3 (8)
salad with tiny bit of dressing: 1 (9)
apple: 1 (10)

1 round low-fat BonBel cheese: 1 (11)

veggie chili w/barley: 4 (15)
salad w/dried cranberries and a bit of balsamic vinaigrette: 2 (17)
cookie: 4 (21)


Kim said...

Hey there - I am WW along with you. I get lots more points a day than you do, I think, but it's still difficult, probably more so when you get less points! :) At any rate, I just wanted to say thanks for logging this and for being open about it. It's an encouragement to me!

Snickollet said...

Hey, Kim,

Good luck with the WW. I've been surprised by how many of my blog friends also do WW. Nice to know I'm not here measuring my rice and counting out my crackers by myself :).