29 November 2007

Daily Log: Thursday 29 Nov. 07

Oatmeal: 3

1/2 bag microwave popcorn: 2 (5)

butternut squash soup: 2 (7)
apple: 1 (8)
baby carrots: 0 (8)

Clif zBar*: 2 (10)

curried lentils and sweet potatoes, small serving: 3 (13)
curried cauliflower and peas: 1 (14)
Sam Adams Oktoberfest: 3 (17)
cookie: 4 (21)

*I love these. They are organic, come in a great flavors, and are only two points. They taste so much better than the WW "Just 2 Points" bars, I think, and they are packed with good nutrition to boot, not just sugar.


Kim said...

Hey (I hope you don't mind me commenting - it helps me too!) - have you tried the smart pop popcorn? It might not be worth it to you to lose any flavor for the extra amount, but the smart pop 100 calorie bags are two points (I think), and you get the whole bag. Of course, I guess you are eating a half bag of regular popcorn? So this might be irrelevant. Nevermind. :)

Snickollet said...


Your comments are most welcome.

I have looked at those 100 calorie bags of popcorn and wondered about trying them b/c sometimes I have trouble stopping myself at half a regular-sized bag! Thanks for the tip.