03 November 2007

Daily Log: Saturday 3 Nov. 07

My points target is 20. Numbers in parentheses are running totals on the day.


Kashi Heart to Heart: 2
1/2 c. skim milk: 1 (3)
1 slice whole-wheat toast w/tiny bit of fruit spread: 1 (4)
Rooibos tea: 0 (4)

zucchini and brown rice casserole: 5 (9)
steamed broccoli: 0 (9)
Rooibos tea: 0 (9)

Trader Joe's ginger Cat's Cookies: 2 (11)
steamed broccoli: 0 (11)

Random assortment of party food eaten at my friend's Harvest Potluck while chasing after the twins, including four chips with dip, two bites of mac'n'cheese, a bunch of raw veggies, grapes, and a small potato pancake: 12 (23)

I did not drink enough water today. I feel parched. Off to drink water and make a quiche for a brunch I'm hosting tomorrow.


Mom to 2 Angels said...

This will be inspiration for me. I have been a lurker on your other blog. I, too, did WW about 3 years ago and became a lifetime member. However, I relapsed *so to speak* and am now trying to do it on my own. I feel your pain. I had lost 5, but I think 3 came back after the Halloween candy :(

Sylvie said...

You inspired me! I have been trying to lose 7-8 pounds for ages. I can usually manage 2-3 but never the full amount. So I signed up for WW. Who knew that 1 dinner could be so many points! Its working OK so far... we'll see! I like the math-y bits about it and I like that I can eat all the raw vegetables I want.