28 November 2007

Daily Log: Wednesday 28 Nov. 07

pineapple: 1
small bowl oatmeal: 2 (3)
licorice allsorts*: 1 (4)

butternut squash soup: 3 (7)
salad with dried cranberries and a bit of dressing: 2 (9)

microwave popcorn, 1/2 bag: 2 (11)
more allsorts: 1 (12)

curried lentils and sweet potatoes: 4 (16)
cookie: 4 (20)

*Gross to eat those first thing in the morning, right? But someone put them out in the kitchen and I find them totally irresistible. So there I was, having licorice as part of my breakfast. What can I say.


Kim said...

It really does work - and as long as I remember that it's okay to use the extra points, I'll be okay. (I am currently freaking out, even though I have 19 left until Monday.) I have already planned out my whole day tomorrow. Sad, but nice to have the control.

Snickollet said...

I do a lot of planning, too. Kinda takes the joy out of eating, but I use the extra points for the fun.