01 December 2007

Weigh-In: Week 5

131 even for a loss of 0.4 pounds.

At least it was a loss. I felt really "snacky" this week, and I think Thanksgiving weekend madness caught up with me and slowed me down a bit. I see some zero point soup on my horizon for the coming week.

Probably won't count/post over the weekend.


Kim said...

I had a "bad" day yesterday - very snacky and not a healthy, WW-ery dinner. Hopefully today will be better.

Enjoy your weekend!

Sylvie said...

You are so good with it! I got kind of discouraged when the scale kept creeping up and up so I sort of gave up. And I don't even post any of my foods or weight publicly! I gather that the online WW site will not reprimand me, but somehow, it too makes me shy b/c I am crazy. It's been too many dinners and parties... But I was reasonably better this weekend. Tomorrow is a new day!