04 December 2007

Daily Log: Tuesday 4 Dec. 07

oatmeal: 3

veggie chili with black beans and bulgur: 3 (6)
apple: 1 (7)

1/2 c. Stonyfield Farm nonfat coffee frozen yogurt: 2 (9)

kung-pao chicken: 7 (16)
1/2 c. white rice: 2 (18)
roasted veggies: 2 (20)


Hilary said...

No help on the breakfast front. I either eat oatmeal, hardboiled eggs (whites only) and wheat toast, or wheat toast with jam.

I was wondering - what brand is your carrot/tofu/miso dressing? Sounds yummy and would love to try...

Really helpful to read your log - thanks!

Snickollet said...

Hi, Hilary,

Eggwhites! There's something I haven't had for a while. I do the toast w/jam thing sometimes, too, but usually I end up hungry. Maybe toast + jam and a few eggwhites . . .

The carrot/tofu/miso dressing is homemade. I'll look for it at home tonight and try to post the recipe either on this blog or my other blog. It's really yummy and very flavorful.


Hilary said...

Thanks a lot!