07 December 2007

Daily Log: Friday 7 Dec. 07

spinach and feta wrap: 5
nonfat latte: 2 (7)

Clif zBar: 2 (9)

baked ratatouille: 1 (10)
1 c. couscous: 3 (13)

Dinner: John's birthday dinner!
1 beer
a lot of BBQ
a lot of chocolate
a moderate amount of sorbet
a lot of points

1 comment:

Kim said...

I am glad you were able to let go and enjoy John's dinner on Friday night. That's what's most important.

I somehow, despite McDonald's, Dairy Queen, Chic-fil-a, and Pad Thai (with Tofu, at least), managed to lose 0.4 pounds this week. At least it's a loss...